NES offers education for a period of Three Years. Students between the age of 2yrs & 6 months and 3 years 6 months as on 1st June of the academic year are eligible for admission for the first year of nursery course. The first year of bursary is called Pre – Fundamentals, Basic Fundamentals and Advanced Fundamentals.
Admissions for KINDERGARTEN
Admissions for kindergarten are offered purely on a first come first serve basis. Since the Kindergarten years are formative in the first exposure of the child to school, no interview or written exam is insisted upon admission to the first year.
Through varieties of theories and nursery education are popular after extensive research in this field NES has designed its own scheme of nursery education. This NES system of Kindergarten education combines the best of nursery education theories.
The Elementary Section
This is the next step of the child to grades I to V. The curriculum encourages students through group discussion, creativity expression, dance, music, art, craft, sports, Yoga, speaking skills helps the child to fully develop into a well balanced individuals without infringing upon his or her inert creative capabilities is the prime aim of NES.
Admissions for other classes
Generally an admission for the second and third year is difficult to obtain. Based on vacancy in the class and excellence of the child a few admissions may be available. However students who have already attended nursery elsewhere, seeking admission for the second and third year at NES will have to prove their ingenuity.
Generally admissions to higher primary classes is difficult since vacancies are rare. However due to transfers and movement of existing students a few admissions may arise in the higher classes. In the event of a vacancy existing in a higher class, admission will be made after a written test suitable to the level of that class.
Admission to class VIII is possible for students who have completed class VII. First preference will be given to students completing primary from Nightingales Group of Institutions.
They have to affix a copy of the preliminary examination marks card. Second preference will be given to students completing VII standard from other primary ICSE schools
Admissions for IX & Xth class
Generally admission to classes IXth is difficult. However subject to availability a few admissions may be made. The admission for Grade Xth is not possible for students coming from ICSE stream, since the Xth registrations will close during their IXth Grade. The concerned admission tutor will be able to advise you in this regard. Students seeking an admission to IXth will have to prove their genuity.

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